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The Complete Life School

Habitus the Life School is located inside Markaz Knowledge City in Calicut. We are dedicated to equip the youth with the 21st century life skills. The The major areas we engage in are as follow:

  • Mental health, wellness and happiness.
  • Foreign languages
  • Short-term student engagement programs
  • Life skills, motivation and learning support programs

Quality training is essential to your career success. Students, parents, employees and employers rely on Habitus the Life Schools for their training needs. At Habitus, we are filling the gap between school or college education and ground realities of life. We strengthen the youth by providing excellent communication skills, emotional balance, extra ordinary mindpower and a drive to follow their passions. We do not limit our students’ education and training to their classrooms, instead we fill their minds with wisdom and compassion.

Habitus breaks barriers and strives for transformative learning that taps into the unleashed potentials of the youth. We are committed to achieve our goals on interpersonal, psychological, academic, civic, cultural and economic levels.



Our Team

Management Team Members

Dr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Al-Kandi
(Manging Director, Markaz Knowledge City)

Ameer Hassan - Australia
(Executive Director, Habitus the Life School)

Ali A
(Administrative officer , Habitus the Life School)